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Price-Veille Graphical Module Jet-Price 360° Ah Hoc Reports


Price-Veille allows retailers and brands to gain a competitive advantage through a panoramic vision of its range.

Price Comparison

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  • Compare prices and percentage variances.
  • Get a global view of price changes.
  • Price Mini, Price Maxi & Price average.
  • Follow the Digital Distribution / Assortment

Price History

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  • Monitor the price movements of your competitors.
  • 1 year historical data.
  • Visualize the seasonality of sales.
  • React through the history by planning your future promotion.


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  • Program your own custom alerts.
  • Be informed every day of price variations.
  • Have a visibility of product deletions.
  • Respond quickly to brands or distributors following the changes.

Graphical Module

With the advent of e-commerce and globalization, distribution channels are becoming more numerous, powerful and extended internationally. This makes the cross-channel, an inescapable concept.

Price competitiveness

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  • Visualize your competitiveness with regards to the competitors.
  • Display in a clic, the products positioned wrongly.
  • Obtain a detailed export, of prices lower, higher or equal to yours.
  • Change to a monthly, weekly or daily visibility.

Price positioning

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  • Adapt your price strategy.
  • Influence the level of sales and the profitability of your company.
  • Obtain a detailed export, of lower or higher prices to yours.

Valuable quartiles

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  • Adapt your strategy according to the sought objective.
  • Representation of your positioning of range.
  • Obtain detailed export, of present products in each quartile.

Jet-Price 360°

On the Product page

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  • Immediate visibility of its price positioning.
  • Thanks to the SVM boost module you can incorporate the inventory, sales and margins datas, in order to adapt your strategy in real time.

On the Catalogue page

cpature d'écran de Jet-Price page catalogue
  • Immediate visibility of Minimum Price, Maximum Price & Average Price.
  • Display in a click the interface, for all analysis.
  • Jet-Price 360° allows a visibility of several price graphs for marketing studies.

Ad hoc Reports

Standard reports can be exported via the different tools in xls or csv.

Ad Hoc customized reports can be created via your own personal data and can be integrated into your analysis. These can also be automated and sent out by email or uploaded on a FTP.
  • Export your Data in Excel or CSV format to integrate in your pricing system.
  • Customized reports that fit your requirements.
  • Reports sent at any frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
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